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Note : Drone Original Price - Rs.2,50,000. Advance payment Rs.40,000 (online payment). Remaining payment Rs.2,10,000 in drone delivery time.

Package includes :

  • Drone × 1
  • Spraying Nozzles × 4
  • Battery set × 1set (pack of two batteries)
  • Charger × 1
  • Training at the time of delivery
  • 6 Months warranty
  • Technical support 24×7 (free of cost)


Specifications :

  • Tank capacity : 5litres
  • Transmission Range : 1 km (Line of sight)
  • Actual Transmission Range : 5 km
  • Max Take-off Weight : 14kg
  • Flight Time : 10 - 15 minutes
  • Flying Modes : Manual & Autonomous Mode
  • Spraying speed : 3 - 5 acres/hour
  • Spraying Width : 2-3 meters
  • Nozzle type : T jet nozzles
  • Max. Flying Altitude : 60m
  • Flying Speed : 1-10m/sec
  • Frame Type : Foldable
  • Frame weight : 5kg approx.


Features :

  • Manual Mode of flying
  • Autonomous Mode of flying

a. A-B Mode
b. Pre Planning the spraying Area

  • Fail Safe Modes

a. Low Voltage Warning
b. Transmission signal Loss
c. Empty Tank Warning

  • RTH (Return to Home): Aircraft comes back to the take-off point and land automatically. RTH is applicable for all the fail-safe features.
  • Dual GPS Flight Control System
  • Self Resistant to Wind velocity <12m/sec
  • Semi Water Proof Propulsion System
  • Retun-to-Home Option
  • Geo-Fencing
  • Low Battery Protection
  • Signal loss Protection
  • Empty Tank warning
  • Live Streaming Tele-metric Data


Flying Modes :

i. Manual Mode - Fly the Drone with the help of Remote Controller [Transmitter].
ii. Autonomous Mode - Fly the Drone Autonomously without any human Interaction. Connect your mobile to the transmitter. Select the spraying area. Adjust the
Spacing Width. Adjust the Spraying Altitude. Adjust the Spraying Speed. Upload
and click on start button to start the Operation

Fail Safe Settings - The Drone Automatically Returns to the Home (RTH) point if the
below commands are activated.

a) Low-Voltage Protection - Low Battery Warning (LED& RTH)
b) Signal Loss - Return to Home (RTH)
c) Empty Tank - A Flow rate sensor detects when no flow occurs
from the Tank and activates the command “RTH”.

Operation Resumption :

A “Resume” button both in Remote Controller or in the mobile Application helps us
to restart the Operation from the same location where it left.

Live Streaming Data :

A Camera installed on the Air Vehicle helps us to spray more accurately both in
Manual & Autonomous Modes. Tele-metric Data from the drone like actual Flying Altitude, Speed, Location with
moving path are live streamed from Drone to our mobile.

Shipping:  Ready to ship in 4-7 Business Days
Shipping Cost:  Free Shipping
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5L Agriculture Drone

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